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Hello, hello…

So…it has been a while.  How has everybody been? Belle and I have been well.  Ups and downs and all that.  We didn’t drop off the face of the Earth…just the kinky part of the Earth. The blogging and the reviews started getting to us.  We didn’t want the quality to go downhill so we …

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Pump Worx

Pump Worx Vibrating Sure-Grip Pump

Size doesn’t matter.  We have all heard it but how many men actually believe it?  I do.  That doesn’t mean I don’t wish I was bigger though.  I have never pulled any punches when it comes to the size of my penis.  I’m not one of the most gifted guys. Belle sure doesn’t complain but …

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Will we ever be healthy again?

Another long absense. Same excuse. Sickness. Sick and tired of being sick and tired. The whole family has been passing around colds. Add that to Belle’s ongoing health issues…which we may have found a solution to – fingers crossed…and sex has been the last thing from our minds. Well, her mind at least. You know …

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Mangasm Rush

It really is amazing how little it takes to make a huge difference. The difference in sensations provided between the Alpha and the Rush prostate stimulators that were sent to me by Mangasm is like night and day. At face value, they are the exact same toy. Same …

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Back in the saddle

Err, I guess I mean device. As Jnuts has said, I had some major issues going on the last few months.   This has limited our play, and my desire in a huge way.   Seems like that is finally under control, and we have been having some fairly vanilla sex, with him cumming a few times …

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Mangasm Alpha

Back in the saddle!  Mangasm was good enough to send me two items to review.  I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and review one of them.  It is an item from their prostate stimulator line called the Alpha. One thing I found rather odd …

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The end of a slump?

I know I haven’t been posting as frequently I should. What can I say? Nothing is happening. Belle is having something i will politely call lady issues and aside fromthe occasional masturbation, things have been pretty crappy. This obviously isn’t her fault and there does appear to be some light at the end of the …

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Belle won’t fess up.

Went to bed with shorts on last night. Woke up this morning naked. My shorts and underwear are nowhere to be found. I asked Belle if she had anything to do with it. She denies that anything happened… -Jnuts

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